Syrian refugees in Jordan

Jordan’s northern territory is studded with a myriad of lights: these are Syrian men’s, women’s and childrens’ eyes who are confidently waiting for an important geopolitical changing.

The wind of Syrian civil war led these people to survive in refugee camps, some official, many others informal. In informal camps, you can find situations of uncertain self-sustenance, with no or few aids, difficult to describe. Every step, every breath, every single beat of heart is here received like a gift, never took for granted, like a ray of light between a death and an illness, between the memories of violence or abuses. But thanks to the power of children the climate became surreal: in every moment you can be overwhelmed by an unexpected explosion of joy, with dozens of pure hearts running behind a tyre or getting crazy for a color and a sheet.

Many refugees opted for informal camps, renouncing to the aids that they can receive living in official camps. That because, they say, they preferred to protect children and woman from violent events that took place in official camps. In addition, some of refugees have the opportunity to find some kind of job, that shouldn’t be allowed them, usually as farmers or shepherds in Jordanian properties.

This reportage took me 40 days of permanence in northern Jordan. I spent this period visiting many different informal camps. I’ve been well received everywhere, since their hospitality is amazing. I listened many stories of these families, played with children, attended lessons in self-managed schools, built tents, shared lunches and dinners, even received the invitation to sleep with them, and I accepted.

The main purpose of this mission was to deeply fall into their lives, to document their situation and to let others know how they lead their lives. To turn on a light on them, to give them consideration, and to provide them a voice: this is the core of the reportage submitted to your attention.